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    Dihoo pressure washer DW-097IV cleaning the machinery and equipment

    2013/11/17      view:

          The pressure washer applicable in all areas of daily life, such as car washing, cleaning of the ground, walls and metal furniture cleaning and special cleaning industry. Ningbo Hua Xun pressure washer DW-097IV is a cold water pressure washer, cleaning machine suitable for use in any condition to complete the outstanding ordinary stains by up to a pressure of 140 kg of clean with cold water, hot water can be very effective cleaning machinery and equipment, especially good cleaning effect, the pressure of the machine with hot water high temperature dissolved oil residue on the device, the combined effects of the dual function makes Hua Xun favored by various industries. The machine is a compact cold water pressure washer. Comfortable and simple one-button control panel, high-pressure pipe and accessories storage slot. Use and convenience.