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    Quality services to boost pressure washer industry rebound

    2013/11/17      view:

          Ningbo Export Processing Zone only pressure washer manufacturers Shanghai Dihoo Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Since the beginning of this year have been exported Pressure Washer 600 million, with the total value of exports for the whole of last year quite.

          Yinzhou District, Ningbo Customs offices in the export processing zones timely introduction of the declaration focused on policies to help enterprises to greatly shorten the cycle of production and delivery. A high-pressure cleaning size of more than 200 novel materials and parts from abroad and domestic market purchases, the implementation of this policy, the company advanced materials and parts after the declaration, concentrated within 15 days of the reported time off, greatly improving the operational efficiency of enterprises , reducing the cost of customs clearance. Customs policy support, to enable enterprises to gain the favor of foreign customers. Japan and Australia before the main order in Europe, from order to receipt cycle is generally a half to two months, Shanghai Dihoo is close to the distance away from these two markets, coupled with the convenience of customs policy, rapid increase in sales in Australia and Japan.