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    Shanghai DiHoo Company R & D invested over 10 million yuan

    2013/11/17      view:

          DiHoo pressure washer automatic shutdown device the "Wah Fun," R & D personnel R & D to create a feature, the technology has reached the international advanced level. The biggest advantage of this device is to save energy. Ordinary pressure washer water spray gun, the machine is still running. We have developed high pressure cleaner in the course if you turn off the gun switch, the machine will automatically stop running and enters the standby state, the need to spray gun switch is pressed, the machine will quickly restart.

          Adhere to the differences in the development of the road, Shanghai Dihoo Division now has a large number of technically leading products with independent intellectual property rights. In addition to having more than 10 national invention patents, Shanghai Dihoo Division still in the Americas, Europe and other countries get 5 Body art invention patents and registered the trademark in more than 20 countries, the development of "Di Hao growth of the international market laid a solid foundation.