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    Pressure Washer Precautions for Safe Use

    2013/11/17      view:

    Safety tips:

    1 after each use always want to schedule a clean hose water.

    2 Check all hose fittings have been locked in situ before, and never want to start equipment.

    3 Often to check all the electrical connections.

    4 always check the hoses for cracks and leaks.

    5 regular checks of all of the liquid.

    6 When not in use the gun, always need to set the trigger is securely locked away.

    7 is always possible to use the minimum pressure to work, but the pressure to be good enough to complete the work.

    8 Before you disconnect the hose, always first release the pressure in the washing machine.

    9 When operating the pressure washer: always need to wear goggles, gloves and masks.

    10 Never use the gun against his or any other person.

    11 Always to keep hands and feet do not touch the cleaning nozzle.

    12 before you turned on the water supply and allow the water to flow through the gun lever, and never want to start equipment. Will require cleaning nozzle is then connected to the gun rod.

    Note: Do not let the pressure washer in unattended during operation. When you release the trigger each time the pump will operate in bypass mode. If a pump has been operating in bypass mode for a longer period of time, excessive temperature of the circulating water pump will shorten the service life of the pump and even damage to the pump. Therefore, it should be avoided for extended periods of time running in bypass mode.