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    Pressure washer car wash Notes

    2013/11/17      view:

    Before the pressure washer, body surface temperature is cooled to below 60 ° C, the ambient temperature is maintained at 0 ° C to 40 ° C. Water gun 15 cm away from the body paint. The flush order from the roof to the sides. Rinse the parts of the grid in front of the car, you should use water spray, can not use the water column facing the water tank or condenser heat sink erosion, fender to install plastic arches, should be removed and washed, and thoroughly wash the fender , the inside of the fender.

          First high-pressure water cleaning with high-pressure water gun from top to bottom sediment contamination in the surface of the body flush, then flush the rear of the body, the lower part of the last car wash. This step attention should be fully flush chassis, thoroughly clean the edge of the part, bent parts, fenders and other parts. Especially around the wheel and brake disc parts, the Ministry of fender and front parts of the grid, the door frame and the car skirt should be sediment, dirt thoroughly washed clean.

          Then on liquid, the shampoo washing liquid spilled into the body of the vehicle. There are two ways, one is the use of multi-function high-pressure foam cleaning machine, spraying should be uniform, up and down regularly shake the nozzle; manually prepared, formulated by a certain percentage the shampoo washing liquid, shall not use washing powder, soap and water, The dewaxing detergent.

          The third step is to clean, with a car wash sponge dipped in shampoo washing liquid, wiping body again, if the contaminants are not easy to remove, and can be used repeatedly wipe, pay attention to wipe the upper and lower body sponge to be used separately, so as not to scratch the body of sand in the lower portion of the body paint . Followed by a high-pressure spray rinse, rinse especially by car seams, the corner of the foam residue.

          The fourth step is to clear the Stubborn stains left in the body, you can use the Almighty descaling water with clean cotton scrub carefully, then wrung clean cotton cloth dipped in washing solution, dry the body along the direction perpendicular to cars with paint on the washing liquid.

          Finally, sufficient water washing liquid rinse completely clean, and timely with synthetic sheepskin towel to dry the moisture. To reach the whole car dry water mark, no stained glass.

    To remind owners: sediment did not wash away and do not scrub.

    To pay attention to the process of cleaning the body, not wash away the sediment on the surface of the body, do not scrub with a towel dampened with water or other items, or make body paint scratch sediment, leaving scratches. In addition, because more skirts and tire parts of the sediment, not grazed the parts of the towel to go rub other parts, so as not to scratch the body paint, scratches.

    The □ owners Tips

    Use different washing liquid effect.

          First dewaxing car wash is the use of high-pressure water jets, with the shampoo washing liquid, remove the car off the dust and dirt. This original wax car wash to wash off the vehicle body, which is the most common daily washing. The daily use detergent behind the detergent is a strong dewaxing solution, use it to wash the car will have a greater body paint damage.

          Second dewaxing Wash, refers to the use of the dewaxing solution, its main component is a resin, wax and wax smooth wash the original covering of the car body protection. Wax off the car body must be re-waxing, or body paint will soon oxidation.

          Car wash wax car wash, car wash wax, also known as natural waxing shampoos, it is an aqueous washing liquid wax. It has a car wash function waxing function, in the finish form a protective film, but the gloss retention time is not long.