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    The pressure washer Shanghai Dihoo guo within private enterprises

    2013/11/17      view:
    Shanghai Dihoo Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. is the domestic, the private enterprises of the most professional production of high pressure cleaner, all products sold abroad. The company products cover the field of pressure washer and outdoor garden tools. After 10 years of unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a large-scale modern

    enterprise, the formation of a set of effective management mode.

                Dihoo gong We always emphasis on product quality, to produce high-quality products to meet customer needs as the goal, the introduction of a full set of high-tech automated production equipment, and with a set of national standards for production processes and product quality testing system to ensure product The quality has reached the international advanced level. On the basis of the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, the vast majority of products of the company in recent years obtained GS, CE, UL, CUL, EMC, S, CSA and other international certification. Excellent product quality not only in the peer has won a high reputation, and also makes products favored by customers in Europe and the United States and many other countries.

                The Dihoo gong Secretary has consistently advocated the concept of "science and technology enterprises", and unswervingly follow the road of scientific and technological innovation. The past few years the company adhere to market-oriented, with a scientific attitude, a strong, new way of thinking, continuous research and development of a market for products. Through continuous technological innovation, product features, from simple to complex, field of use from a single to a wide range out of a high-tech road of innovation. So far, the company has a number of novel product patents at home and abroad. Outstanding achievements in technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights, has been named a provincial-level high-tech enterprises and provincial patent model enterprises.

                Continued progress and effort in exchange for today's success and glory. Facing the era of intense international competition, the Di Haogong Secretary insist on institutional innovation, system innovation and product innovation, the spirit of "mutual benefit" principle, to play Hua Xun own advantages, to create a brilliant future DIHOO.

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